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Ethics Cornucorpia

This week, “The Highlighter” blog posts will have a special emphasis on the topic of ethics. 

At Counselors Academy in June, I reconnected with Ann Subervi, the Ethical Optimist and founder of Utopia Communications.  She has developed her firm based on the premise of  “changing the world, one client at a time” using a foundation of ethical decision making.  You may also know her from her monthly column in PRSA Tactics.

Like Ann, at Risdall McKinney Public Relations, we believe that ethics is something you live and breathe every day. And that every once in a while it is a good habit to take a moment and revisit how, as an individual, you make ethical decisions. This goes beyond simply knowing the PRSA Code of Ethics to emcompassing how you approach situations and evaluate the different points of view.

This week, team members will be sharing their thoughts on ethics and making ethical decisions.

We’re also going to be sharing some cartoons we’ve gathered over the years that illustrate the reputation problem the PR industry has when it comes to ethics.   These cartoons are intended to make you chuckle a bit but also think.  Here is the first from a recent installment of Dilbert which ran in the Star Tribune.