Jim Lukaszewski Hired in 2011 (but it took a while)

In 1980, Jim Lukaszewski and John Risdall were client and agency, both firms located on Silver Lake Road in Fridley, Minnesota. Jim’s firm Media Information Systems Corporation (MISC) had started, with his wife Barbara, two years before in Jim and Barbara’s Fridley townhouse basement. His firm did general PR with a focus on media training (very new at that time), crisis management, also very new at the time. John’s firm provided collateral support. MISC had 10 employees by 1982. In l982, MISC was acquired by Brum and Anderson a 52 person full service PR firm located in Downtown Minneapolis. Jim Became president (and 49 percent owner) of the ExecuComm Division.

But the story is just beginning

In l986, Brum and Anderson bought out Jim’s interest in their business and, at the invitation of Chester Burger, the Communications Management Consultant, Jim joined his firm Chester Burger Company in New York city. Two years later Jim joined Georgeson & Company a Wall Street based proxy solicitation firm as the Senior Vice President of its Crisis Management and Executive Development Division. In 1990, Jim and Barbara founded The Lukaszewski Group Inc. based in White Plains, NY. The firm focused on managing the toughest, touchiest, and most sensitive and challenging situations large organizations and their leadership could face. Jim’s practice became national, and hemispheric.

Teacher, Coach, Counselor, Mentor, Writer, Presenter

The more Jim coached and counseled clients, the more he began working, and becoming known within the PR profession for sharing what he was learning about communication in crisis, leadership in crisis, and human behavior when threatened, injured or victimized. He has produced 12 books over the years with a couple more on the way, more than 200 webinars, plus hundreds of article and monographs. His web site www.e911.com is one of the most important crisis resources on the planet. His latest book is Why Should The Boss Listen To You? The Seven Disciplines of The Trusted Strategic Advisor, published by Jossey Bass in 2008. In 2010, Jim’s practice took him to more than 20 U.S. States, Canada and Brazil, he year before 35 states, Canada and Britain.

After 25 years based in the East, his career comes full circle

In early 2010 Barbara Lukaszewski decided to retire after working in the Lukaszewski businesses for 32 years. In 1960 Barbara and Jim went to and met through Robbinsdale High School. Most of their relatives are in the Twin Cities. Barbara’s mother Ruth is a sharp 94 year old. And through industry involvement with Rose McKinney and PRSA, Jim and John were reconnected.  On January 2, 2011, Jim joined Risdall Public Relations as president of its new division, The Lukaszewski Group. The division will continue to specialize in Crisis Management, Leadership Coaching and Management Issues like succession, high profile civil and criminal litigation, Crisis Response, Recovery and Prevention strategy; any situations where victims have been or could be created. He is spending increasing amounts of time coaching leaders in trouble, helping reduce the contention so prevalent in and around large organizations. He is an expert in managing long term, persistent bad news situations.