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The Delicious and Intriguing, Meatball Sundae

Today’s post comes from Reina Woodruff, a student in Eva Keiser’s PR Writing and Campaign Tactics class. Woodruff reviewed Seth Godin’s book, “Meatball Sundae.”


I recently took the time to read Seth Godin’s book, Meatball Sundae. I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by his wisdom and the information he had to share about the new world of media marketing.

In Meatball Sundae, Godin uses the analogy of a “meatball sundae” to represent the business of marketing. The meatball represents “the basic staple, the things that people need, the stuff that used to be marketed quite effectively with TV ads and other mass-market techniques”. The sundae toppings represent “New Marketing. Myspace, websites, YouTube, permission marketing and viral techniques.”

“The trends of new marketing require a new kind of organization and a new way of doing business,” Godin writes.

Godin prepares the reader to enter the world of media marketing with knowledge and expertise, highlighting the differences between old and new marketing — describing how marketing worked in the past, how it works today, and how we anticipate marketing will work in the future.

Meatball Sundae supplies the reader with great tips when it comes to media marketing. The key points I took away from the book are:

  • We must learn and adapt to new media marketing in order to succeed in the future
  • We can’t try too hard and add too many toppings to our sundae
  • We must remember that new marketing can create big changes in both people and businesses.

New media marketing isn’t just for marketing businesses; we can now also market ourselves as professionals and individuals. I would recommend Meatball Sundae to anyone who is interested in learning about new media marketing.

The internet has provided us with millions of new opportunities and we would be foolish not to utilize them to our benefit. New media marketing shouldn’t be intimidating or overwhelming; it is an opportunity and a catalyst to success.


Reina Woodruff (@Minnesotagiirl) is a senior in journalism at the University of Minnesota. Majoring in public relations with supporting courses in marketing, Woodruff will graduate in the spring of 2011. Woodruff is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) where she is involved in the PRSSA Activities Committee. Woodruff is currently helping to plan the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Minnesota 2011 Man and Woman of the Year events.

During fall 2010, Woodruff interned with WCCO-TV where she communicated internally and externally to plan events for the High School Sports Rally show. Before interning with WCCO-TV, Reina interned with Clear Channel Communications. Woodruff was a promotional intern for both AM 1130 KFAN Sports Radio and FM 100.3 KTLK News Talk Radio where she executed events and managed the stations social media sites.

Woodruff has a natural passion and skill for event planning and photography, and enjoys taking on new challenges and learning from her experiences. She is interested in all areas of journalism and communications but is specifically seeking a career in public relations or event planning.