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RMPR Thanksgiving Guest List

At RMPR each of us is busy preparing – in our own way – to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends.  A twist on the standard question, “who would you like to have dinner with living or dead,” we asked our team what three inviduals they’d like to invite to their Thanksgiving dinner table.  The only stipulation was that it couldnt’ be a fictional characters such as Spiderman and Sherlock Holmes.

Some of these guests could bring a very interesting dynamic to the dinning room table – espeically if they were sitting next to Grandma and Grandpa.  Please share with us who you’d like to invite to Thanksgiving.

Joel Swanson:
  • Jesus Christ: Whether you believe he is the living God or not (I do), a poor son of a carpenter from an obscure race at an improbable time completely changed culture and religion. His impact has lasted nearly two thousand years now and is going strong with a message that remains relevant. Wow. Who wouldn’t want to be his PR guy. “Hey NBC Nightly News, let’s get some B-roll of the big guy walking on water.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: One of the few people who I believe could adapt to any time in history and manage to fit in. The groundbreaking ideas he managed on many scientific, artistic, and philosophical fronts is far beyond anything any of us manage in our lifetimes. The closest our culture has come to producing such a mind is Benjamin Franklin, so maybe we invite them both. I’m intrigued (and a little frightened) to hear their perspective on how our culture and science have evolved.
  • Dietrich Bonhoffer: In the face of Hitler’s rise to power and threats to his country and person, he chose to stay in Germany and fight the Nazis on both spiritual and practical fronts, eventually giving his life. He even helped plan assassination attempts believing it to be the lesser sin than doing nothing — not your typical pastor. In the process, his writings have informed and defined entire segments of Christian ethical thinking and practical theology.

Laura Wifler

I would invite three female powerhouses: Rachel Zoe, The Pioneer Woman and Jillian Harris.

  • Rachel Zoe would dress me for dinner in some magazine-worthy outfit that would immediately make me look incredibly chic and stylish, shocking everyone in attendance.
  • The Pioneer Woman would teach me how to make a mouth-watering Thanksgiving meal, and at the very least, I would work off about a quarter of the butter I’d consume by laughing at all her jokes (seems like a fair deal). The other three quarters of butter would be concealed by my magical Rachel Zoe outfit, one  that would not require the traditional unbuttoning of the pants after dinner (yes, she’s that good).
  • Jillian Harris would deck out my house with her mad design skills. She specializes in restaurants so I can’t wait to see what she would do to my dining room in preparation for the feast. And bonus — as I have already confessed on this blog — my guilty pleasures are The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so I would beg her for insider secrets about the show.

Eva Keiser:

  • Mark Twain – With the release of Mark Twain’s autobiography this month, I am learning that there is so much more to Mr. Clemens than the sterotypes that have become part of heritage.  His insight, sharp wit and satire changed American literature and comedy forever.  A post promoting one of his appearances in San Francisco stated, “Doors open at 7:30. Trouble starts at 8:00.”
  • Ronald Reagan – President Reagan was a master storyteller. CBS Evening News Anchor Dan Rather once reported “he understood, like very few leaders before or since, the power of myth and storytelling. In his films and his political life, Ronald Reagan stood at the intersection where dreams and reality meet, and with a wink and a one-liner, always held out hope for a happy ending.”
  • Vince Vaughn – Yes, he is a movie star but he also seems like a really down to earth good guy who enjoys life. A guy who knows how to have an intelligent conversation and talk enough sports to keep my husband engaged.
  • Definitely would need to hire a caterer though. With this table no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen.

Laura Griffith:

  • Paula Dean – She could make us a delicious Thanksgiving feast (with lots of butter!) Plus, she seems like a pretty fun gal.
  • Will Ferrell – He’d keep the dinner entertaining, no doubt!
  • Princess Dianna – She was a royal gem loved and admired by so many. Most of all, I’d love to hear her thoughts on the upcoming royal wedding!

Amanda Draxton:

  • George Clooney – He’d be the life of the party and would keep us all laughing all night.
  • Ina Garten – She’d cook up a storm and feed me a pound of butter by the end of the night.
  • M

    artha Stewart – She’d teach me how to decorate, be crafty and arrange flowers, and hopefully she’d bring her do

    gs too!